Meetha (Sweet) Chutney

Ingredients (Translation)

1 big lemon size tamarind
4 tbsp dates syrup (or a small lemon size dates)
1/2 cup jaggery (approx)
A pinch of salt
A pinch of red chilli powder

Soak the tamarind and dates (if not using syrup) for half an hour and extract the juice.

Add it to a microwave safe bowl and micro high for 4 minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients and micro high again for 3 minutes. If it is still very watery, micro high for another 2 minutes.

Cool and store in refrigerator and use it for chats. It tastes great with idli dosas too.

Alternatively you can even substitute dry grapes for dates. Both of them have the properties to thicken the chutney.

Sending this over to Srivalli for her MEC: Bottled event


Asha said...

Sirisha, this is wonderful.o easy to make with MW, love it!:))

Asha said...

Oops!! You are easy crafts, Time pass etc!! Not Sirisha. Apology!:))

Rina said...

Sweet Chutney is my fav with hot snacks and samosa chat. I make it sometimes at home. Most of the times it is the ready made Sweet Tamarind Sauce from Knorr. The next I'll try your version.

easycrafts said...

@ Asha...nothing to get confused...timepass, easycrafts, easyindianfood are all affiliate blogs. thanks for ur comments.

@ Rina .... do try it out

Srivalli said...

Thank you EC, thats a nice dish!

Ranjana said...

Thanks for such an easy recipe....

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